Own fork of the original DAX vectorial M5 strategy, developed starting 2020, launched in May.  Adaptation for NASDAQ.


The most stable over time and less overfitted version that you can find for NASDAQ.

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—————– DATASHEET ———————————

Strategy type:   Vectorial (specialized in trend changes)

Input signals: Calculates the angle between moving averages to locate trend changes. Filters are applied to improve the inputs, as well as other mechanisms.

Stop Loss: Always. Maximum of 2%. It can be different for long and short.

Profit handling: Trailing stop by blocks based on ATR and exit with profits in case of strong trend change. Maximum target profit configured.

General comments: Strategy specialised in trend changes. You have a good ratio of winning positions, but your goal is the highest possible win / loss ratio. In the latest version we focus on long positions. Short positions are not their strong suit according to the backtests, but we have tried to prepare them for the scenarios to come.

Don’t be fooled: Results are shown for 1 contract at € 1 per point. Only 1 position at a time. Without martingales or partial closures (MM available, but not shown in results).    Different configurations available and visible and non-obfuscated code. Visible headers in ProRealTime screenshots shown here, distinguishing between backtest, real and demo in each case.  Available versioning and results full information in our website and groups, with full tracking.

Extras: Delivered to be used out-of-the-box, but configurable for experienced users. Money Management and Drawdown control modules available.


First version created in October 2021.  Latest version released on January 2022.  We use this system (all our system) in real account since created. And for now, our updates enhanced the previous results.

⚠️ All results shown for 1 simple concurrent position, with 1 fixed contract and 200k candles, showing monthly results. What you see is what you get: No short periods shown, no make up the DD, no results showing quarter bars.

🏴‍☠️Do you know that most part of systems crashes after publish it? Make a well-looking system can be easy, as far it’s so easy that you fall intro the trap of a overfitted system. Sometimes even the provider it’s not aware of it.  Nobody can assure profits, but you can trust in us as a provider with more than 2 active years distributing systems.  Our development process is focused in do not overfit, and our updates usually enhances the previous version (while older versions even continue stable and profitable over time)

Consider the OOS of the strategy and version.  Any result table always show Out Of Sample periods. Need help to understand results, risks or necessary equity? Download our calculator and do not hesitate to contact us

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The vectorial strategy is specialised in trend changes.  Our special parameters and filters enhances the original strategy opening entries only in most favourable conditions. It allows a more wide trailing stops that lead to more profitable positions (even the win/loss ratio is not so high, over time the profit per operation is a key factor).

This algo is the perfect couple for Talos NAS strategy.  To reduce the risk even in the same market, combine it to obtain profit in trend changes and in a consolidated trends too.



20220802 CFDAutoTrading ZEUS NAS V3 200kBT

20220802 CFDAutoTrading ZEUS NAS V3 200kBT statistics





Note that the instance starts with 0.5 contracts and have a high money reinvestment (it makes that the results and ratios be less smooth, less linear)

20220802 CFDAutoTrading ZEUS NAS V3 REAL1



20220802 CFDAutoTrading ZEUS NAS V2.2 DEMO1 20220802 CFDAutoTrading ZEUS NAS V2.2 DEMO2

Zeus NAS V2.2 09 real

Zeus NAS V2.2 10 long real


ZeusNAS CB 0.5c MM2

Starting 0.5 contracts with reinvestment MM=2 (medium)

Zeus NAS V2.2 09 real

Zeus NAS V2.2 10 long real


This algo is delivered to be used “out-of-the-box”, not recommended any change even in changing circumstances. Let us do the best for you, if the strategy have to be updated, we will do it after the corresponding study and period in real in our accounts before distribute it.


☆☆    Look at the live tweets for latest results:  https://bit.ly/cfdautoSMT-ZeusNAS     ☆☆


With this product license, we offer access to all updates of this strategy and customer support during the license period.  You can participate in our own support groups and we can offer to you recommendations about configuration and reinvestment modules, system selection, drawdown and recommended equity….even portfolio suggestions and coexistence with another systems.

202207 CFDAutoTrading Results 202207 GraphALL NoBorder Portrait

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