We will send you the requested system ITF files to your informed email as soon as possible (usually within 24h in labour days)

IMPORTANT!! Please read carefully our product delivery notes.

See the next links for information about the system configuration:

Do not forget to check too the correct ProRealTime and account configuration:

IMPORTANT!!! We will deliver versions valid for Spain, France, Sweden or Germany (configured for CET time). If you are from UK or any other country please ensure that you check the configuration page to setup the timezone.. These algos do not operate 24h, it have specific schedule that depends on the algo and your ProRealTime configuration (they are not 24h to avoid after hours market manipulations and unexpected movement, and to avoid the market open volatility). IF IT’S NOT MODIFIED, IT WILL ONLY WORK 100% FINE USING EUROPE CURRENT TIMEZONE.

Don’t lose the change to see all our systems , and remember that you can check it in

If you wish, you can also join to our groups:

On it we and customers announce the open positions and talk about our strategies. It’s a group used for internal communications too (like general recommendations or announce ongoing developments). This group is in addition a resource for help, questions and answers for less experienced people or for specific features of our algos.

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