Histórico de versiones (timeline general)

Aquí puedes encontrar un timeline de nuestras releases, actualizaciones y paradas de sistemas. Recuerda que en nuestra demo pública puedes lanzar tanto las versiones actuales como las versiones anteriores, desde que empezamos a publicarlas de este modo.


2024-03-15PLUGNIKKEIV1.0Released the initial version V1.0It's not a new strategy. It is a combination of well-performing configurations for NIKKEI of the customizable system PLUG-IN-BABY
2024-03-09SETHNASV1.2Released the V1.2Release of the same version pre-released ending January
2024-03-09HEPHAGOLDV1.2Released the V1.2V1.2 Enhances the TS and the TP behaviour to follow longer impulses
2024-01-25SETHNASV1.2Pre-release of V1.2SETH CRUDE was previously seen to perform very well on NASDAQ. It was discussed in the groups and an adaptation was launched as "SETH NAS V1.0" in July 2022. But it was forgotten.
After a while it was revised again, and now coincidentally the current version of SETH CRUDE worked even better. Then, we distributed a few copies of "SETH NAS V1.2" as a new adaptation (it's SETH CRUDE, just selecting only part of the internal strategies). Only distributed for who requested it.
2023-12-29TALOSDJIV2.0.1Released the V2.0.1V2.0.1 just disable short entries. The strategy remains the same developed on Dec'21
2023-12-29SETHCRUDEV1.7.1Released the V1.7.1Of the 4 previous strategies (S1, S2, S3 and S4) disable the S2 and S3.

As a result, SETH CRUDE continue with the original S1 (from Jun'22 with changes in Sept'22 and Feb'23) and the good performing S3
2023-12-02TALOS NASNASV2.6.1Release of the version 2.6.1 Now the configuration is LONG-ONLY by default. The short trades can be activated by config
2023-09-16TALOS NASNASV2.6Release of the version 2.6Related article here

[EN] https://cfdautotrading.com/en/2023/09/16/talos-nas-updated-to-v2-6/
[ES] https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2023/09/16/actualizacion-de-talos-nas-a-v2-6/
2023-09-16OSIRISDJIV1.1Halt of the systemOfficially halted due non-expected performance.
2023-06-10BASTETDAXV1.1Published V1.1Changes in the TS behaviour, adding BE protection, and filtering the most problematic hours.
2023-06-03SETHCRUDEV1.7Released the V1.7 that adds new strategies in the same algoV1.7 maintains the original entries and behavior of the "hit & run" strategy from the previous version, V1.6. Three new types of entries have been added, each with its specific position handling
2023-05-09VENUSNIKKEIV1.0Released a new system after 10 months of OOS
2023-05-09NEPTUNEDJIV2.1.1Published V2.1.1 (fork of NEPTUNE NAS/DJI to an independent NEPTUNE DJI)Prioritizes LONG positions (SHORT launches 1/2 position)
2023-05-07ARESLRDAXV3.2.1Published V3.2.1Prioritizes LONG positions (SHORT launches 1/2 position)
2023-05-04TROYDJIV1.0Halt of the systemOfficially halted due non-expected performance. Only -201€ in real during its period, but not fitting to the market conditions
2023-04-15TALOS NASNASV2.5.1V2.5.1 prioritizes LONG positions (SHORT launches 1/2 position)Related article here

[EN] https://cfdautotrading.com/en/2023/04/15/update-of-talos-nasdaq-to-v2-5-1-prioritize-long-positions/

[ES] https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2023/04/15/actualizacion-de-talos-nas-a-v2-5-1-priorizacion-de-posiciones-largas/
2023-04-03VENUS DAXDAXV1.6V1.6 applies
for SHORT positions, LONG remains in V1.5.

Reduces the
less favourable short entries. Modifies the Trailing Stop
Related article here

[EN] https://cfdautotrading.com/en/2023/04/03/update-venus-dax-to-v1-6-for-short-only-version/

[ES] https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2023/04/03/actualizacion-de-venus-dax-a-v1-6-solo-para-version-short-only/
2023-02-25SETHCRUDEV1.6Published V1.6 (previous was 1.4.2, version V1.5 was not published to customers)Related article here

[EN] https://cfdautotrading.com/en/2023/02/26/released-seth-crude-v1-6-changing-to-tf-10min/

[ES] https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2023/02/26/publicado-seth-crude-v1-6-cambiando-a-tf-10min/
2023-02-12HEPHAGOLDV1.1Published V1.1 adding a BE protectionThe V1.0 was published with the exact version validated during OOS. Adding now a BE protection purposed and optimized by a customer, after validations.
2023-01-23HEPHAGOLDV1.0Published V1.0 inicial public version
2023-01-07TROYDJIV1.0Published TROY DJI V1.0 (in the PRC MarketPlace)V1.0 was released in the website store on November'22 previously
2023-01-04NEPTUNENAS / DJIV2.1Published NEPTUNE NAS / DJI V2.1V1.0 is the first released version, the previous was internal
2023-01-02OSIRISDJIV1.1Published OSIRIS DJI V1.1V1.1 is the first released version, the previous was internal
2022-12-27BASTETDAXV1.0Published BASTET DAX V1.0 (in the PRC MarketPlace)Same version published before in this website store on 2022-11-03
2022-11-30ZEUSNASV3.0TF10Published V3.0TF10Related article here:

[EN] https://cfdautotrading.com/en/2022/11/30/new-version-of-zeus-nas-changing-the-timeframe/

[ES] https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2022/11/30/nueva-version-de-zeus-nas-cambiando-el-timeframe/
2022-11-25SHORTFINDERMULTIPLEV1.2Published SHORTFINDER V1.2 with a subset of markets available (in the website store)https://twitter.com/CFDAutoTrading/status/1596387742472028160
2022-11-13TALOSNASV2.5Published TALOS NAS V2.5Related article here:

[EN] https://cfdautotrading.com/en/2022/11/13/talos-nas-v2-5-update/

[ES] https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2022/11/13/actualizacion-de-talos-nas-a-v2-5/
2022-11-03BASTETDAXV1.0Published BASTET DAX V1.0 (in website store)
2022-11-03TROYDOWV1.0Published TROY DOW V1.0 (in website store)
2022-10-16SETHCRUDEV1.4.2Published SETH CRUDE V1.4.2New fix for the same problem, the previous not worked fine. No changes in the strategy
2022-10-03SETHCRUDEV1.4.1Published SETH CRUDE V1.4.1Fix to avoid market data problems. No changes in the strategy
2022-09-18SETHCRUDEV1.4Published SETH CRUDE V1.4Partial entries, dinamic SL and so on.

Article pending
2022-08-01VENUSDAXV1.5Published VENUS DAX V1.5https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2022/08/01/actualizacion-de-venus-dax-v1-5
2022-06-21SETHCRUDERAW (V1.0)SETH CRUDE RAW Released
2022-06-18ARESLRDAXV3.2AresLR V3.2 released
2022-05-30PLUG-IN-BABYMULTIPLEV1.5Different fixes applied due platform problems that makes the BT don't work. The system is being delivered outside the MarketPlace (using the classical export of ITF files), without issues.
2022-04-03VENUSDAXV1.4Released the VENUS DAX system (before was named AFRODITA, in versions V1.0 to V1.3)Works with long and short instances separated
2022-03-19TALOSNASV2.2Published version V2.2Making the entries, trailing stop and take profit dynamic. Optimization for a more volatile market
2022-02-04TALOSDJIV2TALOS DJI V2 releasedDeveloped on 07/12/2021
2022-01-26ARESLRDAXV3AresLR V3 releasedAnnounced on 23th, but we were solving some issues on publication in the MarketPlace
2022-01-23ARESLRDAXV2.2 (2022)Update of the schedule hours (timezone controls) and holidays for 2022
2022-01-12TALOSDJIV1.1 (2022)Update of the schedule hours (timezone controls) and holidays for 2022
2022-01-12TALOSNASV2.1BE (2022)Update of the schedule hours (timezone controls) and holidays for 2022
2022-01-12HADESDAXV1.2Update of the schedule hours (timezone controls) and holidays for 2022Internal update, the system continue halted
2022-01-06PLUG-IN-BABYMULTIPLEV1.0Release of the PLUG-IN-BABY strategy V1.0
2021-12-17HADESDAXV1.2Hades V1.2 halted
2021-12-18ZEUSNASV3Publication of ZEUS NAS V3https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2021/12/18/zeusv3/
2021-08-07HADESDAXV1.3Hades V1.3 developed (not distributed)Optimization of entries and trailing, BE protection and changing the reversal handling
2021-05-24HADESDAXV1.2Hades V1.2 releasedAdapted to a previsible lateral or bearish market. Enhancements in entries and handling of short positions
2021-05-15TALOSDJIV1.1Talos DJI V1.1 releasedEnhancements in trailing stop of short positions and optimization of emergency exit
2021-05-01HADESDAXV1.1Hades V1.1 distributed Includes only schedule fixes for summer time
2021-05-01ARESLRDAXV2.2 (2021)Update of the schedule hours (timezone controls) and holidays for 2021
2021-04-25HADESDAXV1Hades V1 releasedDeveloped on 11/11/20, had a free period for customers before the public release.
2021-05-25ZEUSNASV2.2BZeus NAS V2.2B ReleasedReduces the schedule time to avoid platform problem with the hours
2021-03-24ZEUSNASV2.2Zeus NAS V2.2 releasedDevelopment end on 08/02/2021
2021-03-24TALOSDJIV1Talos DJI V1 released
2021-03-20TALOSNASV2.0BETalos NAS V2 halted
2021-03-09TALOSDJIV1-PRETalos DJI V1 pre-releasedDistributed free in the Telegram group
2021-01-28ARESDAXV2Ares V2 haltedhttps://cfdautotrading.com/2021/01/28/parada-temporal-de-la-distribucion-de-ares-y-zeus-seguimos-con-el-resto/
2021-01-11ZEUSNASV2.1Zeus V2.1 haltedhttps://cfdautotrading.com/2021/01/11/respecto-al-rendimiento-actual-y-actualizacion-a-versiones-con-menor-riesgo-enero-2021/
2021-01-10TALOSNASV2.1BEPublished version V2.1BEAdding a new protection in BE
2021-01-10TALOSNASV2.0BEPublished version V2.0BEAdding a new protection in BE (desactivated by default)
2020-12-24TALOSDJIR00Talos DJI R00A and R00B launched internally
2020-11-27ARESLRDAXV2.1Publication of ARESLR DAX V2.1https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2020/11/28/liberadas-las-actualizaciones-de-areslr-y-de-zeus-versiones-v2-1/
2020-11-28ZEUSNASV2.1Publication of ZEUS NAS V2.1
2020-11-11HADESDAXV1Hades V1 developed (released to customers)Free period end and inclusion of Hades in all algo package
2020-11-04 TALOSNASV2.0.2Candidate version V2.0.X (discarded)Adding filters in the entries
2020-11-04TALOSNASV2.1.2Candidate version V2.1.X (discarded)Adding filters in the entries
2020-10-04TALOSNASV2.0.1Candidate version V2.0.X (discarded)Adding emergency exit
2020-09-20TALOSNASV2.1Publication of TALOS NAS V2.1https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2020/09/20/estrategia-talos-revisada-v2-1-en-validacion/
2020-09-19ZEUSNASV2General update to make the systems openly configurable (number of contracts and MM). No changes in strategies. Before this, the versions was distributed with a fixed number of contracts and a complex pricing rules based of % of profit (so complex to understand and apply, was a unsuccesfull experience)https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2020/09/19/versiones-v2/
2020-09-08TALOSNASR02First version published to customers
2020-09-06HORUS DJ 10mDOWR04HORUS DJ 2m and HORUS DJ 10m haltedhttps://cfdautotrading.com/es/2020/09/06/resumen-resultados-agosto-2020/
2020-09-06HORUS DJ 2mDOWR04HORUS DJ 2m and HORUS DJ 10m halted
2020-08-08ZEUSNASR05Publication of ZEUS NAS R05 (official)https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2020/08/08/mejoramos-aun-mas-nuestra-estrategia-zeus-llega-la-r05/
2020-07-31HORUS DJ 2mDOWR04General update to enhance performance when using indicators. Different dates, showing the article in the blog date
(no changes in strategies itself, there are some reports using old equivalent revisions)
2020-07-31HORUS DJ 10mDOWR04
2020-07-15ZEUSNASR03Publication of ZEUS NAS R03 (and ARES DAX R03)https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2020/07/15/adaptaciones-tecnicas-por-rendimiento-nuevas-revisiones-r03/
2020-07-15ARESDAXR03Publication of ARES DAX R03 (and ZEUS NAS R03)
2020-07-04ZEUSNASR02Publication of ZEUS NAS R02 (internal, official return to R00)https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2020/07/04/actualizacion-estrategia-zeus-r02-y-fix-en-la-r00/
XX/07/2020TALOSNASR00R00 developed (not published)
2020-06-24ZEUSNASR01Publication of ZEUS NAS R01 (official)https://cfdautotrading.com/es/2020/06/24/actualizacion-estrategia-zeus-r01/
XX/05/2020HORUS DJ 2mDOWR00
XX/05/2020HORUS DJ 10mDOWR00
XX/05/2020ARESDAXR00Started this project and service!! Gathered a subset of personal estrategies and two vectorial strategy forks and published it.

Yes, Twitter account opened ending June. Who cares? We started with our investment mates and Twitter and blog came later as a natural step

También puedes encontrar páginas específicas a modo de changelog de nuestras principales estrategias. Hemos dejado de mantener éstas páginas dado que publicamos las actualizaciones por email y en nuestros grupos de Telegram y Discord.