Automatic trading systems

User friendly systems and platform

We offer plug-and-play robots over a solid and easy platform:  ProRealTimeTM

The installation of our systems is very simple and natively integrated with the platform. You can use the systems by default or you can also customize them in a very simple way.

Official professional provider

We have been distributing our systems for more than two years. We currently provide our products only from the platform marketplace, the ProRealCode MarketPlace, as an official professional supplier.

And we are the best seller of systems

Support, honesty and transparency

We can proudly say that our customers emphasize our honesty and our support. We seek that you have all the information, that you feel comfortable and that you make a correct use.

That’s when the results will arrive in a sustained way

Our results

Profit in 2022 with all our systems

Accrued profit results

How much are we talking about?

The accrued profit shown above, in the 30 active months, is with a monthly average of 5 systems / contracts per month, taking 1 NASDAQ contract as a reference. That means an average of more than €103 per system, contract and month, which is simply spectacular.

For a 10.000€ portfolio, this is a 5,24% monthly, without taking reinvestment into account (disabled by default) and with a measured drawdown.

Our robots can be used from 1,000€ and have capital protection tools. We recommend combining several of them in order to diversify. We help you with equity and sizing calculations and with the systems portfolio

All the results shown are directly scalable depending the number of contracts that you use

Our systems portfolio

The market changes, our systems too. We offer updates of our best optimized strategies for the current market, and we launch new strategies. That does not mean constant changes: we work with solid and tested versions.

If you have any other questions, or simply have already decided to start with us, contact us. We are glad to help you.