IMPORTANT!! Stop readjustement

Remember that when activating the systems in ProOrder you always have to activate the next check of stop readjustement. Otherwise, it is possible that sytems will be stopped during an ongoing operation, as they cannot move the stop.

IMPORTANT!! Strategies expiration in ProOrder

It is especially important to increase the number of ‘days to expire’ of the systems. When a trading system expires in ProRealTime it stops automatically even if it has an open trade. You can change the number of days to expire to 100 in this config screen.

However, it is important to check the expiration date in the ProOrder window. If it is close to expire, press the “Extend” button. If this date expires, ProRealTime STOPS robots immediately, even if they have ongoing operations.

Additionally, we can also configure to be notified by email a few days before the strategies expire, to remind us to enter ProRealTime to extend them.


Below we detail the possible configurations that we can apply to our systems. Consider that the systems are delivered with a valid plug-and-play configuration, with 1 contract and reinvestment of benefits disabled. You can launch them directly, but it is important to configure the contract sizing, and we like that you know all the options of configuration and the resulting behavior.

Let us now look at the available and modifiable configuration within the code of our systems. If you need help or we explain more in detail, do not hesitate to contact us.

At the beginning of the code you will find a different headers and sections. Please read carefully the code itself. In each section and property is described its behaviour.

Below are marked in red the minimal config to check, to configure the timezone and the contract sizing.

You can find support for the rest of the configuration or any related question in our Discord channel.

Please consider that except the sizing and timezone, the rest of configurations are considered for advanced users. Any property change (in the headers or in the in the code) could totally alter the results of the trading system. Use this configurations, only if you know what it implies and have analyzed possible results.


In addition to configure for long-only or short-only positions, or disable the BreakEven protection (common configuration for all our systems), ZEUS NAS V3 adds a new extra section (the 8th section, starting in line 60)

You can slightly change the behavior of ZEUS NAS entries with the ‘riskMode’ property, that in default in the V3 version is auto-adjusted (value 4). In addition, ZEUS NAS allows to launch version V2.1BE (riskier), the previous V2.2 or the new V3 (changed by configuration), it can be applied with the ‘zeusNASMode’ property. See complete information in the blog post of the ZEUS NAS V3 release.


In addition to configure for long-only or short-only positions, or disable the BreakEven protection (common configuration for all our systems), TALOS NAS V2.2 allows you to run the previous version V2.1BE that was so succesful on 2021.

Just change to “2.1” the property in the line 66 of the system:

The V2.1BE version is bit more risky configuration that focuses in long positions, try it on specially bullish markets and or combine with other configurations.