Released SETH CRUDE V1.6 (changing to TF 10min)

Our strategy SETH CRUDE was released on June '22 and since then are not having profits. Since launched, and for the previous reference sizing of 1.2 contracts, there is an accrued total of -130€ approx. Not a successful story but without a doubt not bad (non-solid algos just start to have heavy losses after releasing … Continue reading Released SETH CRUDE V1.6 (changing to TF 10min)

New version of ZEUS NAS (changing the timeframe)

The last weeks was so hard for ZEUS NAS, reaching 2.000€ per contract of DrawDown. Before this situation, we were already analysing and trying to enhance the strategy. And we found a way to enhance shorts while long positions resist getting something interesting that works fine in 2022 and the rest of the past data. … Continue reading New version of ZEUS NAS (changing the timeframe)

SHORTFINDER strategy review

What is SHORTFINDER? Within our main portfolio, we have categorized SHORTFINDER as a "market edge" systems. In this case, it means the looking for short positions in the days and hours statistically more favourable, adding a very basic filter of moving averages and a Stop Loss and a TakeProfit depending on the market. Then, for … Continue reading SHORTFINDER strategy review

TALOS NAS V2.5 update

The V2.2 version was a resounding success in its first 3 months (accumulating more than €2,700 per contract in a very short time, with an extraordinary profit curve (see related post), but from about mid-June, profits were oscillating and in fact it has not returned to the same peak yet. Although the last few months … Continue reading TALOS NAS V2.5 update