Update VENUS DAX to V1.6 (for SHORT-ONLY version)

In the 12 months in real VENUS DAX, the strategy has gained exactly 1.493€ (or points) per contract, combining the LONG-ONLY and SHORT-ONLY instances (the SHORT side is the primary one and the one that applies to us in this update). The results of the secondary version of LONG-ONLY have been flat, so all the benefit comes from the short positions.

In October and November 2022 (a bullish period for the DAX), there was a considerable drawdown from which we have fully recovered just now. Additionally, there are other bullish periods in which this short-side of the strategy suffers.

We have decided to investigate the best way to reduce short entries in the less favourable periods and thus be able to consolidate gains without losing them in the bullish periods.

We have also adjusted the behaviour of the Trailing Stop since positions were usually closed with a quick Take Profit (there was a TS, but it was minimal). Now the Trailing Stop has been adjusted to follow the price for more time (making the TS a bit less tight)

Here is how the new version of VENUS DAX V1.6 SHORT looks like, compared to its previous version V1.5

Although it may seem little difference in overall numbers and/or final profit, we must consider the following:

  • The DrawDown is slightly reduced in the whole period. Still, it is especially decreased from 2020 onwards, which is the period we are interested in.
  • Effect of modifying the trailing, now some positions end with a higher profit.
  • With similar final profit between both versions, if we look at the number of trades (about 50 trades less) and the modification of the TS, we see that the gain considerably increases in profit per trade (from 30€ to 37€ on average per position)


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