Our systems

We currently have 12 different active systems in operation; in addition to multiple strategies and robots under study.

Swing trading systems

TALOS NASNASDAQTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
ZEUS NASNASDAQVectorialShort-term trend reversal specialist
NEPTUNE NAS / DJINASDAQ & DOW JONESTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
OSIRIS DJIDOW JONESTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
TALOS DJIDOW JONESTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
TROY DJIDOW JONESSlippageSlippage edge finder
ARESLR DAXDAXVectorialShort-term trend reversal specialist
BASTET DAXDAXTrend followingShort-term trend specialist

Market edge systems

VENUS DAXDAXTrend followingSpecialist in short positions of not so short term (also trades longs)
(+de 30 different settings for more than 10 markets)
BreakoutSpecialist breakouts and bounces
(more than 9 markets)
SeasonalitySpecialist in short positions based on daily and hourly seasonal parameters (joint to other signals)
SETH CRUDECRUDE (US Oil)Hit & runFast entries and exits, based on low timeframe indicators (almost scalping, but combining larger timeframes)

To keep in mind, as a general rule (not only of our robots), an automated trading strategy should not be understood as a multi-purpose system that we can use in more than one market or that will operate all possible entries. In algorithmic trading, we generate and use strategies that are optimised for a particular market and that follow a specific entry and position maintenance strategy.

It is always recommendable to diversify both markets and strategies (diversifying is also a different strategy in the same market, for example)