Our systems

We currently operate 11 distinct active systems, with several more strategies and robots under evaluation.

It’s important to understand that, as a general principle (and not just for our robots), an automated trading strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all system that can be applied across multiple markets or capture every possible trading opportunity. In algorithmic trading, we design and employ strategies that are tailored for a specific market, adhering to particular entry criteria and position management techniques.

It’s always advisable to diversify across both markets and strategies. Diversification can also mean employing different strategies within the same market.

TALOSNASDAQTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
ZEUSNASDAQVectorialShort-term trend changes specialist
NEPTUNENASDAQTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
NEPTUNEDOW JONESTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
TALOSDOW JONESTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
ARESLRDAXVectorialShort-term trend reversal specialist
BASTETDAXTrend followingShort-term trend specialist
VENUSDAXTrend followingSpecialist in short positions of not so short term (also trades longs)
VENUSNIKKEITrend followingShort-term trend specialist, long-only
SETHCRUDE (US Oil)Hit & runFast entries and exits, based on low timeframe indicators (almost scalping, but combining larger timeframes)
HEPHAGOLDTrend followingMid-term trend specialist