What are CFDs?

The IG broker explains it in a simple and detailed way in the following video and in the following link:

What is CFD trading and how does it work?

What is automatic trading?

It is the trading in which operations are executed by a machine, automatically. You can find it referred to as algorithmic trading, robotic trading, quantitative trading… all are ways of expressing the same unattended trading, in order to differentiate it from manual or discretionary trading.

This type of trading, consists of programming the entry, monitoring and exit of trading operations, through the use of indicators and position and market conditions.

In general, any manual strategy that uses indicators can be automated.

You can find a wealth of resources and information on the subject.

However, we believe that there are some major keys to automated trading:

  • Robots do not think, they do not feel: therefore there is no psychological factor. If the strategy followed by the robot is good, there will be results.
  • Robots don’t rest: you can have multiple robots, trading in multiple markets and product types, checking multiple indicators…All of these options are available during your time…the possibilities are multiplied.
I need experience? I will know how to run the systems?

We recommend previous knowledge of trading that allows you to understand the operation and the main concepts, but it’s not required to manage our systems.

Anyway we think that is better if you know what to expect and what not; and how to measure the risk (for which we will help you)

Then, it’s not necessary previous experience in the ProRealTime platform and/or in the use of trading robots because the platform is very simple and we will also provide you with the necessary support (both through instruction pages and direct contact by any channel)

By the way, forget about using VPS or Virtual Machines, you don’t need to maintain or pay for a machine running 24×7. ProRealTime runs the systems remotely (on its own servers) and the platform can be free for individuals in most cases. No needed either any kind of extra data source or VPN connection.

In fact, you will can access to your ProRealTime platform and account from any PC without local installation.

Can I trust you?

Internet and social media are full of scams, false testimonials, false profiles and disturbing haters. It’s so easy to buy followers, pay or compensate for testimonials, comissions and so on. And yes, automated systems providers are full of snake oil (of course not all, but surely if you are here you know of what we are talking about)

We don’t like the context, but to made automated trading systems is our passion and we make amazing systems.

Time ago we thinked…..fuck off all this trash, stay focused in ourselves, let’s continue being honest, and explaining to the people that needs it the basis to understand what to expect and how to calculate the risks. This is what we trust and is what we do: we will support you the necessary to allow you to make your own decisions having the correct information.

That’s our way and our products are outstanding, a perfect couple. And this is being the key to maintain this business and our customers over time.

As an extra, we are a registered company and official professional provider of ProRealCode MarketPlace. But without doubt the previous comments are more important.

How to calculate the broker margins and the necessary equity?

Drawdowns exist, are normal, and you have to size your portfolio well to do not make the mistake of be kicked out of market and later see how the consistent systems restore the drawdown and continue increasing gains. It’s hard to live it, avoid it.

You can use our systems starting 1.500€, contact us to discuss about a correct contract sizing for your case.

Are the license prices expensive?

Nobody can assure future profits, but the fact is that our systems usually pay the license price various times: With the default sizing, in average over the months we had profits of 3-10 times the license paid.

If you consider that this numbers are before discounts and that all the results shown are directly scalable depending the number of contracts that you use….is definitely a fair deal.

A great part of our customers are having good profits over time, but always with patience and consistency, without taking unnecessary risks in the sizing configuration.

Differences between BackTest, DEMO servers and REAL servers

This is one of the first and most important questions we ask ourselves, you can read an article about it here (auto-translated)

What is DrawDown and how does it work in our robots?

Our systems provide an additional capital preservation module, being able to stop automatically in case of unforeseen DrawDown. This is intended so that you can, for example, go on vacation controlling the risk and be sure that it will not be a big problem for you if a major market event suddenly arises.

Personal contact

Do you need more information? Are you interested but you don’t know how to start? Don’t hesitate to contact CFD AutoTrading staff.

Write us through any of our channels (email, Telegram, Discord, social networks…) or simply call us