On next you can see our results since we started on May of 2020. You can check by yourself using our demo for BT, requesting a trial or asking in our Discord or Telegram groups to other customers.

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Accrued results in 2022 for all our systems

Detail table with results of each system


It should be noted that this benefit is with a monthly average of 5 systems/contracts per month, taking 1 NASDAQ contract as a reference. That means an average of more than €106 per system and month in these accumulated results (so similar to the 114€ this year), which is simply awesome.

For a 10.000€ portfolio, this is a 5,34% monthly, without taking reinvestment into account (disabled by default) and with a measured drawdown.

All the results shown are directly scalable depending the number of contracts that you use. From only 10k you can run all the systems with this sizing (you can start from half sizing too). Download our calculator for margin, equity and risk calculations