YEAR TO YEAR RESULTS (from July’23 to June’24)

We take as a base the official results of the active systems each month during the rolling year. To this we use the current version of TALOS NAS (currently LONG-ONLY) and the Out Of Sample results of the latest published systems (SETH NAS and PLUG NIKKEI). With this approach we compose the results of the last moving year, for the current portfolio of systems.

In the rolling year you have:

  • 23.000 profit for an initial capital of 10-15.000€ (depending on the risk you want to assume in percentage. That’s data without reinvestment of profits, and fully scalable for larger capitals)
  • 13 systems for 6 markets (a portfolio with optimal diversification, without the complexity of a greater number of systems and consequently a greater initial capital)
  • Less than 7% drawdown over the YtY profit (total peace of mind). That’s 16% over a 10k initial capital — The best risk/reward portfolio!!
  • Average of 152€ per system, month and contract (taking 1 NASDAQ contract as a reference) — The best profit per contract portfolio!!

You will not find results like this in serious providers for ProRealTime, we know our competition well. Nobody has a portfolio with our averages, nobody makes more profit per contract, nor such reduced risk. Do the math!

All the results shown are directly scalable depending on the number of contracts that you use. From only 10.000€ or less you can run all the systems with this sizing (you can start from half sizing too). Ask for support, and we will discuss your case and preferences, our customers usually launch our systems successfully with considerably lower requirements and initial capital than we show here.