March 2023 results (and what is coming up)

Finally, the month was turned down, especially by the 20 to 26th March week’s operations. But we have multiple compelling reasons to be very positive.

  •  There are more than 1.500€ now in latent positions (3 times this month’s losses)
  • Despite the turbulence of March, we’re proud to say that we’ve overcome the challenges with solvency. While the results may not have been as positive as we would have liked, we’re confident that we can handle whatever the market throws our way. Ultimately, the systems managed well this month, with a low combined drawdown.
  • While the year remains with plain results for all the systems, the losses are concentrated in DOW JONES and COMMODITIES, while DAX and NASDAQ packs won more than 3.000€ (yes, it can be a good idea to use only NASDAQ and DAX or oversize it, as talked before)
  • We enter the best seasonality period:
    • For US500, now starts the second-best quarter and the best month in the last 20 years)
  • In our 35 months of public results, the best results were clearly in this coming quarter Q2, without correlation with SP500 in these last three years
  • The meaning is that everything points to great results in Q2 again. In different SP500 behaviours in Q2, we had substantial profits. And if this year we had a strong SP500 in Q2, the systems would have a more straightforward scenario, and the results would be even better.

Then…what is coming up?

We believe now is the perfect time to start using our algos or add more to your existing systems. 

After three years in the industry, we’ve observed a typical pattern among customers: many customers enter at the peak of positive results of a specific system or of the overall results, put all the eggs in one basket or stress too much the equity….only to leave when fear comes during drawdowns or during stagnation periods.

In contrast, those who manage their equity correctly, diversify their systems, and wait for the right moments tend to increase their number of algos and contract sizing, and remain with us over time, ultimately accumulating profits.

Are these comments just empty words? Are just a commercial strategy? No, our goal is to help our customers succeed by providing clear guidance and knowledge, not just trying to reach as many people as possible. For example, that’s why we publish a calculator that shows an awful and not probable scenario. 

We prioritize long-term partnerships with our clients, and our business approach is built on clear communication and honesty.

That’s our way.  Are you in?





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