TALOS NAS V2.5 update

The V2.2 version was a resounding success in its first 3 months (accumulating more than €2,700 per contract in a very short time, with an extraordinary profit curve (see related post), but from about mid-June, profits were oscillating and in fact it has not returned to the same peak yet. Although the last few months are being considered as “the most difficult in history” by many analysts, we cannot hide behind that and we must take measures in the strategy.

Let’s first see the results of the previous version V2.2 both in real and in demo.

For the less experienced it can be difficult to understand that sometimes there are systems that cannot be improved much more, or that the improvements have to be very selective and careful not to overoptimize. And, in our opinion, that is what we find here. TALOS NAS V2.2 is going through a period of stagnation, and those periods are inevitable. As we have verified that many times it happens to us with previous versions, version V2.2 will return to maximum by itself, but there is always room for improvement and we had some pending ideas for this V2.5.

What changes does TALOS NAS V2.5 introduce then?

  • The previous update made the entries, trailing stop and take profit dynamic. This time it’s up to the SL once we feel comfortable with the way we’ve done it.
  • Optimizations and changes in schedules are introduced (schedule is extended), based on our analysis of daily / hourly seasonality. In fact, 3 different ways of treating seasonality are included.
  • A slight filter is included in case of extreme volatility, avoiding the riskiest entries (for example during the presentation of macro results and nearly minutes)
  • Partial closings are included, closing half of the operation in profit, under certain circumstances (not only when reaching a fixed percentage of profit)
  • It has been used to include the calendar of holidays until 2025 (given that the robot can be deactivated to operate on holidays)

Based on our tests and the month we have had the strategy validated, the new V2.5 should be even more robust and consistent on both longs and shorts, with adequate capital protection and plenty of return potential. In fact, in the two years of history of TALOS NAS in its different versions, the strategy has earned close to €7,000 per contract, or €291 / month. Taking into account that our clients usually reserve €2,500 for this strategy, we are talking about an 11.66% monthly return (what products or what robots give that?)

Let’s see below the new V2.5, as well as its comparison with the previous V2.2.

TALOS NAS V2.5. Estándar, 1 contrato fijo. 200k BT.
TALOS NAS V2.5. Estándar, 1 contrato fijo. Máximo histórico disponible (1M velas)
Comparativa de V2.2 vs V2.5. El incremento de operaciones se debe a los cierres parciales, dado que el numero de entradas es muy similar.

As can be seen, a similar DD is maintained, improving the ratios and lengthening the benefits of winning operations.

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