Free Interactive Brokers account with ProRealTime

You probably already know the benefits of ProRealTime platform and its ease of use for both manual and automated trading.   And…why not complement it with Interactive Brokers?

Instead of IG Markets that commonly uses CFD, with Interactive Brokers (aka IB or IBKR) you can access to standard and professional degree products (see the complete list here:

Interactive Brokers needs no presentation, just take the opportunity to create a FREE account with us.

What benefits do you have opening the account with us?

You will have a permanent 25% of discount in all our products when opening the real account with us (the link is for a free demo account, that can be migrated to real account later)

Currently the ProOrder module is not activated in ProRealTime for IBKR. There is plan to activate before the end of this year. Our products will be compatible with IBKR, and anyway the 25% discount will be applied after open the real account (that means that you can use the discount in products for ProRealTime + IG Markets too

In addition, if you already have indicators or screeners of the ProRealCode MarketPlace, by default it works with IBKR too (probably you will require another license, check with each provider to assure the compatibility in each case)

Do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt. Cheers!!