At the beginning of 2022 we temporarily changed the way of presenting the results, so that you could see the result not only of the default versions of our systems, but also of their main configurations, in a rolling period.

Finally, we went back to preparing results (retroactively) in a simpler and more classic way (only default versions, and graph with the accumulated benefit), but we wanted to keep this another way of presenting periodic results for those advanced users who we know study these dates.

In this way, there is a reference of the strong and weak points of each system depending on the period, helping to select the most appropriate configuration.

We often talk about setting long + short (default), only long or only short positions. But there are also systems that allow other variants with more or less risk, or backward compatibility with previous versions for those who prefer to use versions with years of Out Of Sample period.

We usually provide guidance on the most relevant configurations in our groups.

After all, we offer robust systems for any market situation for the user who launches all the default systems in a simple way (they are easy to use plug-in-play systems); but at the same time we offer help for more advanced users who want to take advantage of a custom configuration (just by easily changing some properties in the code).

Until 24th August 2022

Until 9th July 2022

Until 21th May 2022

Summarising the results of the rolling month, using just the default version of each official system, there is a total of 2.489€ of gain in the rolling month.

Until 1st May 2022

Until 19th March 2022

Until 22th January 2022