About AnonymousAlgos

(Twitter profile @AnonymousAlgos and website “Anonymous Algorithms” http://anonymousalgos.wordpress.com)

We have evidences to confirm that AnonymousAlgos site and his Twitter profile was created by a particular algo creator with the goal of discredit other creators. But show it means show personal information, and this is a red line that we will not pass, is not our style.

In fact he said that we sell algos downloaded from ProRealCode.com. Our vectorial strategies are based on this strategy (yes! not a secret. It’s published in our shop and in the market!).

But anyway our version is so so so far of the original (and you can see our code and see that comments and images shown in this guy’s tweets are false). Our versions are the result of months of development and testing. You can download for example our free demo only for backtests

Even in this tweet you can see that our Zeus has nothing to do with the version witch AnonymousAlgos is talking about.

In addition he talks about ‘Multiple customers testify…’ and we are still waiting for some evidence (of course not from he to himself, using more newly created Twitter accounts).

For now HUNDREDS of people have bought one of more of our systems (just look at the official ProRealCode Marketplace: we are the best seller provider for automated trading systems, including the most sold system (TALOS NAS) and with the rest of products in the first pages:


In addition, we have PUBLIC support groups with dozens of people including part of customers. For now, negative comments about the service and us as a provider was zero. Repeat, ZERO.

We don’t have to talk about other providers, but without any intention to waste more time, we invite you to ask, verify and check by yourself; we will be at your disposal through any of our channels.

On next some useful links about us:

Then, can you help us?

Yes, simply two steps: report and then block this guy profile.


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