🌟🌟 Trend following strategy for DAX🌟🌟

Trend following strategy, using 5 of the most common trend indicators. Well-balanced for long and short positions.

The first version was created in October 2022.  Updated on June 2023 after average results resulting in low losses.  Now the current V1.1 version makes it more solid making the TS less wide, adding BE protection and filtering the more problematic hours.


18 months license - Trading System for ProRealTime platform - Compatible with CFD accounts - Not a CFD Account?


This trend following strategy, optimized for DAX and using 1 hour candles, have a similar behaviour between long and short positions, resulting in a well-balanced algo that can run in most scenarios (in bullish, bearish, or non-clear scenarios)

The entries are based in a combination of 5 of the most common indicators, and the exit is based on indicators too (that means that the position can be closed just with a few pips in negative if the indicators points to a trend change)

This system allow to reverse operations according it’s signal too (for example can close a short when detects a long signal).


—————– DATASHEET ———————————

Strategy type:   Trend follower (well-balanced between long and short positions)

Input signals: Combines the signals of 5 of the most common and simple trend indicators.

Stop Loss: Always, dynamic with a max of 2,04%. By default, the exit is based on indicators (the exit of the operation can be from a few points to its max SL set).  The last 200 operations have an average SL of 0,60%

Profit handling: Exit position based on indicators first. Trailing Stop by blocks based on ATR are used as a secondary (and very wide) protection. Possibility to add BE protection (configurable, disabled by default). Without target profit preconfigured, leaving the profit runs while indicators allow it.

General comments: Multipurpose and all-terrain strategy with a mid-low winning rate (35-55%) but good profit win/loss resulting ratio and a reduced drawdown.

Don’t be fooled: Results are shown for 1 contract at € 1 per point. Only 1 position at a time. Without martingales or partial closures (MM available, but not shown in results).  Different configurations available and visible and non-obfuscated code. Visible headers in ProRealTime screenshots shown here, distinguishing between backtest, real and demo in each case (avoid screens without headers and quick photoshops 🏴‍☠️).  Available versioning and results full information in our website and groups, with full tracking.

Extras: Delivered to be used out-of-the-box, but configurable for experienced users. Money Management and Drawdown control modules are available.



18 months license - Trading System for ProRealTime platform - Compatible with CFD accounts


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