🌟🌟 Trend following strategy for GOLD, long-only 🌟🌟

The initial version was created in April 2022, and published as-is on January 2023.  Added BreakEven protection on February 2023.

Uses the cross of two averages for the entries, and a wide trailing stop.   A very low number of operations, but with an excellent period OutOfSample that had so similar statistics to the full BT (so great signal!)


18 months license - Trading System for ProRealTime platform - Compatible with CFD accounts - Not a CFD Account?


—————– DATASHEET ———————————

Strategy type:   Trend follower

Input signals: Uses the cross of two averages (non simple averages) and an additional filter.

Stop Loss: Always. Variable from 1,75% to 2%. 

Profit handling: Trailing stop simple by percentage.  A bit variable, near the 0,75%. Protection in breakeven included. 

General comments: Very stable long-only strategy for GOLD.  So simple entries and position handling.  The key is in the entries.

Don’t be fooled: Results are shown for 8 contracts at € 1 per point (to size the results in a similar way or equivalent height than 1 contract of NASDAQ). Only 1 position at a time. Without martingales or partial closures (MM available, but not shown in results).  Different configurations are available and visible and non-obfuscated code. Visible headers in ProRealTime screenshots are shown here, distinguishing between backtest, real and demo in each case (avoid screens without headers and quick photoshops 🏴‍☠️).  Available versioning and results full information in our website and groups, with full tracking.

Extras: Delivered to be used out-of-the-box, but configurable for experienced users. Money Management and Drawdown control modules are available.



18 months license - Trading System for ProRealTime platform - Compatible with CFD accounts


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