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Best PLUG-IN-BABY configurations for NIKKEI (long-only)


Long-only strategy, looking for rebounds and breakouts, increasing the portfolio’s robustness in complicated scenarios.

Are you worried about the low number of operations?  That’s a key for other kinds of strategies.  You don’t need N-hundred operations, here you have the combination of strategies with more than 1, 2 and more years.


This system has been created as a configuration of our core strategy PLUG-IN-BABY.

PLUG-IN-BABY is a multimarket and customizable system specialising in breakouts and rebounds. Works in a 30-minute timeframe and currently fits for multiple INDEX (FX and stocks under review). The strategy looks for rebounds and breakouts, increasing the portfolio’s robustness in complicated scenarios. The strategy is intended to be profitable in all cases, and extremely powerful in chopped scenarios simultaneously.


The system looks for entries in rebound or breakout scenarios and establishes an order at a specific entry price and establishes a price range for SL/TP (by default the goal is 2:1).  Is conceived as a ‘waiting hunter‘ that complements other strategies.


A combination of 3 successful configurations (P61, P68 and P35. among the analysis of others) of PLUG-IN-BABY for the NIKKEI index, with 1 to 2 years of OutOfSample when released on March’24


This system is conceived to launch positions ONLY in rebounds and ONLY LONG, then probably will not launch any new position in consolidated trends (this is not a trend-following system).  In addition, it can launch a different number of operations depending on the configuration and market conditions (some options/configs make to have more or less activity, depending on the goals of the configuration and the market conditions).

This system is prepared to have a low time in the market, and it’s usual to have a low win/loss ratio. However, with bigger profits in won positions and tight SLs, the strategy is profitable over time without well-looking ratios. With good risk management (do not stress the equity with a high number of contracts) and an increasing MM, this strategy fits perfectly to leave it run patiently in the background.


List of the different configurations of PLUG-IN-BABY system that have been analyzed on its Out Of Sample period (since 2021, 2022 or 2023) and combined in this “PLUG NIKKEI” system, just to your use without any configuration needed (just the contract sizing)

System ready to use, without any extra configuration.  The complexity of the core PLUG-IN-BABY strategy has been avoided, to provide this system working “out-of-the-box”, just configuring the number of contracts.



18 months license - Trading System for ProRealTime platform - Compatible with CFD accounts


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