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Being the best-selling strategy proves him right ?

Excellent performance since 2020, now more stable and profitable in all conditions using TF10 min and only long trades



?? Trend following strategy for NASDAQ ??

– The first version was created in July 2020

– This strategy have an extensive period of success. So profitable, with the biggest DrawDown at end of the month of only 600€ in real (up to 9000€ of profit since released). 

– Powerful LONG-ONLY config  (that demonstrated to be highly solid during the three years of this strategy)  


18 months license - Trading System for ProRealTime platform - Compatible with CFD accounts - Not a CFD Account?


This trend-following strategy, with steady long positions and quick shorts, fits perfectly into the NASDAQ market. The long operations last around 1’5 days in average, and the short operations around 7 hours.

Special trailing stop behaviour and multiple controls made this strategy a solid and reliable system, shielded for any condition. Always with breakeven protection and trailing stop, there are different kind of exit rules.

Over time, this system brings very profitable long positions and with quick protection in short positions.


Product sheet

Market and TimeFrame: Strategy designed to be used in NASDAQ in a TimeFrame of 10 minutes. Results are shown using the “US Tech 100 Cash” product at 1€ per point.

Stop Loss: Always. Maximum of 2%. It can be different for long and short. BreakEven protection is enabled by default.

Profit handling: Trailing Stop by blocks based on ATR and exit with profits in case of a strong trend change. Depending on the trend, it’s possible that the system closes half position to ensure profits.

Don’t be fooled: Backtest results are shown for 1 contract at € 1 per point. Only 1 position at a time; without martingales, cumulating orders or big sizing.  Profit reinvestment is disabled by default and configurable (backtest or official results do not use reinvestment; instances in real shown sometimes use it).  Different configurations are available, with visible and non-obfuscated code. Showing here screenshots with visible ProRealTime windows headers, distinguishing between backtest, real and demo in each case (avoid screens without headers and quick photoshops).  Available versioning and results full information in our website and groups, with full tracking.

Extras: Delivered to be used out-of-the-box (only check the desired sizing and timezone).  Money Management and Drawdown control modules are available.


18 months license - Trading System for ProRealTime platform - Compatible with CFD accounts

Not a CFD account? Looking for an algo for ProRealTime + Interactive Brokers? 
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We distribute our systems as CFD AutoTrading for CFD accounts, and as IBKR AutoTrading for ProRealTime + Interactive Brokers


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